Apart from the research works, we are committed to render standard academic and laboratory services to the students and consumers.   

Academic activities include scientific sessions, journal clubs and teaching of the students of MBBS, MPhil & MD Microbiology and Diploma, MD & MS courses of different specialties like Pathology, Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Pediatrics and their allied subspecialties. Students of BDS, BSc Nursing and Diploma in Midwifery courses are also taught.


Our laboratory services are multidisciplinary and encompass Bacteriology, Virology, Parasitology, Immunology, Mycology and Molecular tests.

Laboratory services available to date


A. Microscopy

1. Ld Bodies for Kala-azar

2. Sputum for AFB And G/S

3. Skin, nail & Hair for Dermatophytes

4. P/S and urethral discharge for G/S

5. HVS for R/E

6. Throat swab for R/E

7. Stool

8. Urin

9. Wound swab/PUS

10. Cerebro spinal fluid (CSF)

11. Ascitic Fluid

12. Pleural Fluid

13. Synovial Fluid

C. Immunology / Serology

1. Widal Test

2. Weil-felix test

3. Brucella

4. ASO Titre

5. RA Test

6. Pregnancy Test.

7. TPHA Test / ICT for TP


9. HIVj.   


11. HBsAb

12. Anti HCV

B. Culture & Sensitivity

1. Blood

2. Urine

3. Stool

4. High Vaginal Swab(HVS)

5. Wound Swab/pus

6. Throat Swab

7. Aspirated body fluids

8. Sputum

9. Skin/hair/nail

10. P/S or urethral discharge

D. Molecular /PCR – for research purpose






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