With the motto “One Step Ahead,” the Department of Microbiology is a distinguished paraclinical medical science unit of Mymensingh Medical College. Soon after the inauguration in 1993 as a separate entity, it has become a center branded by its own identity among the resource-constrained government medical colleges of Bangladesh. Endowed with stupendous teaching and adept laboratory personnel, it has own advanced academic & laboratory setup to conduct different undergraduate & postgraduate courses and scientific studies in collaboration with many institutes across the globe.

At present, it is the pioneer in the fields of medical teaching, diagnostic services and research in the public sector of the country.

We are located in the 3rd floor of south annex block having a total floor space of 5000 sq feet and 6 laboratories, Bacteriology, Mycology, Parasitology, Immunology, Molecular and Rickettsia Lab with BSL-2 facilities. Equipped with multimedia facilities, close circuit cameras, Wi-Fi premises and a dedicated website with online MCQs & teaching-learning materials, the department is the first of its kind and still unmatched in the country. Besides, our laboratories have Fluorescence, Dark ground/Phase contrast and multi-head microscopes along details >>


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We have a visitor’s book for comments, criticisms and suggestions, which contains the glimpse of different visitors’ remarks are the inspiration for refinement and evolvement to us.  details >>


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is unprecedented among the other medical colleges of the country. Many of our teaching-learning materials, journal articles & scientific papers are available here >>

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Currently, a number of researches are being conducted in the department by different post graduate students. details  >>


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Professor Nobumichi Kobayashi met Vice principal of Mymensingh Medical College, Mymensingh. details >>




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